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Principal's Message

I am very pleased ti introduces Brilliant Public School. Through this diary and look forward for your good gesture. Government of India has gradually increased the budgeting allocation for Basic primary and higher education Utmost priority has been given for female education to narrow down the gender inequality. We must have to pay proper attention on the education of female children to build strong and balanced society. Social evils like dowry. Gender discrimination need to be uprooted with the weapon of education.

We have a distinctive ethics at the school build on very positive relationships and the desire to help students. Develop a love for learning bad becomes curious and happy learner with high self esteem. Helping students to develop into confident, sensitive, and reflective adults, is a key priority of “BRILLIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL”. This is achieved through “outstanding teaching and careful support”

We work closely in the partnership with parents and believe this relationship is crucial to the success of our students. Friendliness and a willingness to listen are at the heart of all that we do through this collaboration

Choosing a school is very important decision but hope this diary would help you make this choice. We BRILLIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL for their child to spend his/her formative years in it.